When the Flame Ignites

A guest speaker at our church quoted a familiar verse in his sermon on Sunday: In the year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord high and lifted up. I’ve heard messages on Isaiah 6:1 before but this time, I captured new perspective. Like a flame that ignites from a match head, a new revelation struck me.

In seeing the Lord high and lifted up, Isaiah not only saw God exalted, he had an “aha” moment. Something clicked that hadn’t clicked before. The seeing brought forth understanding.

Like Isaiah, my greatest encounters with God have also come on the heels of some type of death. Death has a way of cleansing, stripping false hope and opening my eyes to a new reality. It doesn’t have to be the death of a person. In Isaiah’s case, it wasn’t so much the departure of King Uzziah as the demise of an icon. His 52-year reign was characterized by prosperity, promise and a hope for the future and now that he was gone, perhaps Isaiah’s longing to see God increased.

Often it takes the removal of what we deem significant in order for us to esteem Significance.

Prior to his vision, Isaiah held a respectable career in the royal palace in Jerusalem, but God was calling him to be a prophet. The meeting with God came with a commission that altered the course of his life.

The same thing happened to the woman at the well and Saul on the road to Damascus. Maybe it’s happened to you too. If the book of Isaiah recorded your testimony, what would it say?

I’ll go first.

In the year that my first marriage crashed, I had a revelation of the Lord that changed my identity. I knew God was calling me to discard my addiction to relationships and minister to women.  

Now it’s your turn: Copy the statement below. Then paste the statement in your blog comment and fill in the blanks. Or if you prefer, write your own.  


In the year that _______ I had an encounter with God that _______. I knew God was calling me to __________.

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6 Responses to When the Flame Ignites

  1. Carol Cutler at #

    In the year that Ken died, I had an encounter with God that illumined my darkness. I knew God was calling me to let my light shine in other hurting women’s darkness and bring them hope that is found only in Jesus, The True Light Who comforts and gives purpose.
    Thank you Christy, the entrance of your words has brought “light”. I am blessed to know you. You point us to Him Who heals.
    Just read “true confessions” too. I relate totally~again! Ouch!

  2. Christy Johnson at #

    And what a light you are…not only to other women. My husband LOVED your book too. In fact, I’m putting in a little plug here for your book, God Illumines My Darkness. The story about how God took care of you after your precious husband passed is amazing. How can they get a copy?

  3. John Johnson at #

    In the year that I was trying to fill the hole in my soul I had an encounter with God that changed my life. I knew God was calling me to only fill that hole with Him and He would make me whole. It was after that, I met this esteemed author named, “Christy Johnson”.

  4. Sarah Simpson at #

    In the year that I moved back to Oklahoma from the mountains of New Mexico, I had several encounters with God that changed my life for eternity. I knew God was calling me to live a disciplined, committed life in Jesus through the power of His word. My life no longer belonged to me. Jesus became my lover and my Lord, and through that love He healed and delivered me from the damage I had inflicted upon myself. What a merciful God!!

  5. Wonna C. at #

    In the year that I broke up with my boyfriend, I had an encounter with God that made my Maker more real than ever, increased my faith tremendously, and changed my heart forever. I knew God was calling me to worship and serve HIm only and Receive HIS LOVE and give it out to others.
    Obeying and serving Him in these ways has brought wonderful blessings in my life including tremendous joy and strength, a ministry for Him, Christian friends, and a wonderful, strong, Christian husband. Recently the Lord is helping me daily to die to self and there is nothing more alive than this!!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Christy and other fellow sisters and brothers in the LORD….

  6. Tina at #

    In the year that Jesse died I had an encounter with God that changed me. I knew God was calling me to search for biblical truth.

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