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How Do You Heal From Past Hurts

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Recorded on Right to R.E.A.L. Love Radio podcast, the #1 Dating and Relationship podcast for Christians. Getting over past relationships can be extremely difficult. The memories. The songs you hear that trigger bursting emotions. The anxiety that erupts when you accidentally run into them. Or the dread when you know you have to see them. […]

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The Mirror Motive

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I hear it over and over in my coaching practice. “But he said he was a Christian!” Well…words are cheap. The mouth has to match the motive and the only way to discern whether or not a man’s motive is genuine is to watch and wait. And forgo emotional involvement until you know: Is his motive […]

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Lookin’ for Love

give your heart to God and love to others

As I’m writing this on a Friday afternoon at 4:00, it’s almost officially the weekend, the time of the week that in my former love junkie days was meant for man hunting. When happy hour did not produce any attractive results, come dark-thirty, I was out in full force…at my favorite boot-scooting-honkey-tonk looking for love. […]

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Is Sex Before Marriage Wrong?

don't build you life on a cracked foundation

In a culture where everyone else is doing it, is sex before marriage really wrong? So many couples are focused on what they can’t have, but God isn’t shaking his finger at you saying, “No you can’t have that.” Here’s is what He is really saying… In this Soul Fit message, as always, you can […]

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The Dangers of Mind Affairs


Today on Soul Fit we are going to talk about mind affairs. Are they innocent imaginations or dangerous fantasies? What does the Bible say? As always in the Soul Fit series, you can either watch or read! What about you? Have you ever had a mind affair? A romance novel featuring you and Mr. Bulging […]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Confidence in Relationships

direction the best is yet to come

Are relationships a confidence crusher for you? In this Soul Fit message, I’ll share 5 tips with you about ways to skyrocket your confidence. You can watch or read. Take your pick! Improving your confidence is the first step I talk about in Love Junkies because having a healthy self-esteem or identity is vital to having […]

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Why Women Attract Bad Relationships


Today I’m starting a new video series entitled Soul Fit, where I will discuss ways women can embrace soul healthy living. For each post, I have created a video, but I’ve included the transcript here so you can either read or watch. You choice! And if you enjoy, I’d so appreciate if you would share on […]

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How Coaching with Christy Johnson Can Help You

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My name is Christy also. I am single and in my late twenties. I have been in the “dating game” for about ten years now. As you can imagine, after so long, with a list of failed relationships a mile long, you begin to wonder, what am I doing wrong? How do I keep ending […]

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