Are you ready to leave the past behind and discover emotional freedom in relationships?

In 2017 I launched my very first online coaching group for women, LET GO & THRIVE. Since then hundreds of women have found renewed confidence and restoration of their self-worth. 

Let Go & Thrive is a journey through forgiveness, but it's so much more. If you've had a hard time letting go of what he did or didn't do....if you've struggled with being a people pleaser or have a tendency to draw your worth from your relationship, Let Go & Thrive is for you! 

I want to help you get unstuck. If misunderstandings about forgiveness have kept you bound in despair or tangled in toxic relationship issues, I'd love for you to be part of the next group. 

The current session is full, but the next session will open in the Summer. 

Can't wait until the Spring?

 Purchase the Curriculum Only Package now.

The 8 dynamic group sessions include teaching, group discussion and time for Q&A where you'll receive Biblical direction for your concerns and relationship issues. 

One of my greatest joys in my life is coaching women! As a relationship expert and soul-health coach, I love seeing women overcome the hurdles that keep them stuck in a spiral of disappointment. I love seeing them exchange shame for self-confidence, frustration for joy, and bitterness for emotional balance. Most of all I love seeing women prosper in their soul! 

The hope I have for you is insane! Why? Because I used to be a complete wreck. But when Jesus turned this love addicted soul around who used men like a drug, He flooded me a passion to help set the captives free! 

That's why over the last 15+ years I've worked with women to help them maximize their soul health and enjoy better relationships.  

I listened to TD Jake's daughter tell her testimony recently about her pregnancy at 13. She said that growing up in church everybody talked about where they are now, but nobody talked about how they got there. I can so relate. When pornography and addiction reared its ugly head in my marriage, I knew I was supposed to forgive, but I had no idea how. I had never heard anyone talk about the how

How do you forgive? How do you forgive a husband, fiance, or boyfriend who cheats? How do you forgive when the child support is late? When your family plays second fiddle to hobbies or work? When deceit, manipulation and abuse damage all remaining trust? 

Knowing Jesus doesn't make us immune to problems. We have the truth, but we also need tools and training to leave the past behind.

LET GO & THRIVE is designed just for that. I'd love to help you get past the hurts men have caused and find the confidence you desire. Whether you've struggled with insecurities, toxic thoughts, manipulation or abuse, whether you're single, married, or divorced, it doesn't matter.

I've helped women in all stages of life and in all areas of relationships. As you may know, I've spoken at women’s conferences, coached women individually and written on relationship topics for years to help women find personal freedom with themselves and in romantic relationships.

It’s been my dream to combine all this relationship and soul health wisdom into a comprehensive course any woman can take to help them go from surviving to thriving. That's why the launch of SOUL FIT and its first course, LET GO & THRIVE, has been so fulfilling.  

So...if you’re ready to leave the past behind and discover emotional freedom in relationships, read on...because this course is for YOU! 

Through LET GO & THRIVE you'll be empowered to...

Forgive him for that, even if you can't forget it. 

Perfect the art of saying "no" and mean it.

Skyrocket your confidence & learn how to love YOU.

It's crazy that God would use a former love junkie to teach women how to have healthy relationships.

Someone like me that thought romance happened over a drink with a cute little umbrella...just like it did on the Love Boat. 

Ok. I better stop. I'm kind of giving away my age:)

I didn't know any better. TV shows and music taught me about romance, dating and marriage. So I kept lookin' for love in all the wrong places. I spent every weekend at my favorite honky-tonk. The winks and Wranglers kept me high long enough to last until the next weekend when I was back at the bar, waiting for another whiskey and waltz around the dance floor. It was a like an adult version of a merry-go-round. I was on an endless loop.

My unworthiness and addiction to love caused continual compromise because I had no clue how to guard my heart. I was desperate to give it away. And that was the problem.

It took many years of sorrow to learn what I now know: the best way to guard your heart is to quit giving it to men.

Men can break your heart, but God never will.

Here's more of what LET GO & THRIVE will dig into:

  • False beliefs about forgiveness.
  • How you can find freedom through forgiveness even when he does nothing to deserve it.
  • How you can forgive...even if he never changes.
  • How to get your confidence back. We'll talk about tearing down the idol of other people’s opinion (it's a slippery slope) and learn how to put your hope, confidence and trust in God. 
  • Emotional boundaries: How to implement them and why you need them.
  • Prerequisites for forgiveness. Did you even know there were some?
  • Evaluating relationship risk. Yes you can! I'll show you how and it's not judging. It's looking for evidence of character and paying attention to the yellow flags. Yellow ones always come first!
  • Should you trust him?
  • Becoming stronger and loving YOU.

As part of my 8 week course-
 you'll have access to the following:

  • 1
    8 weeks of curriculum with worksheets
  • 2
    8 live video group meetings conducted weekly on Zoom
  • 3
    Access to a closed Facebook group to connect with the other ladies in between sessions
  • 4
    PLUS: exclusive discounts on one-on-one coaching sessions where you can privately discuss anything you want              

See what previous clients have to say:

"I have an overwhelming desire to share with others how wonderful your teachings are."

I am so grateful the Lord guided me to you. The YouVersion Bible App plans, the Let Go and Thrive course, Best U community, and books have been a tremendous blessing to me. I can confidently say that I am not the woman I was in October 2022 when I first began this journey. The Word of God and your content is steadily transforming me. Thank you!! I pray the Lord continues to bless you in every way imaginable.


"I changed the way I thought about forgiveness."

I found that I was able to move forward in my healing. Rely on God and what he was saying to me. Change the way I was thinking. Focus more on the Word. Being with other ladies and listening to feed back and their struggles, helps me not to feel alone. I love the support from everyone in the group. Christy did a wonderful job at keeping everything on target. What a blessing to receive from God and all the wonderful ladies in the group. BARB

"Let Go & Thrive went over and above my expectations."

The course was excellent and went over and above my expectations. I learned many things I had never heard before. I highly recommend these coaching sessions. Thank you, Christy. I got so much out of your sessions. CAROLYN

"I learned to view myself as how God sees me."

I’ve taken both Let Go and Thrive and Love You Again. I have learned an amazing amount of information on the importance of forgiveness and have begun viewing myself as God sees us, beautifully and wonderfully made in His image. Thank you Christy for another great course. I would highly recommend. STEPHANIE

"Healed from years of emotional baggage."

"I’ve been a product of life-long counseling since childhood, but through Let Go & Thrive I’ve grown, developed and gotten more insight than all my years of counseling.  JEN

"I'm no longer a people pleaser."

"This course is way more than just about forgiveness. It’s for all women who’ve ever been a people pleaser or who thought her identity came from anyone but God." SHERLENE

"I now have the confidence to wait on God's best!"

"Christy is anointed by God and sees things others don't. She helped me dig up roots I didn’t know existed. In the past I fell for potential, but as a result of coaching with Christy, my dating eyes are wide open. I will no longer settle for a counterfeit!"   STEFANNIE

"Happily married!"

"Christy’s coaching provided me with the tools to overcome hang-ups and set-backs that have been a constant struggle. I still have to execute them myself, but I now have a path to follow that I know is God-breathed."  ASHLEY

"Forever Grateful..."

"Your coaching was a huge inspiration and offered me the encouragement and accountability that I so badly needed! I will forever be grateful that God placed you in my life."   HALSTON

"My marriage is strong today!" Thank you for coaching me through the hardest season of my married life."

"Christy heard the ugly truth, but pointed me to biblical counsel with love and compassion. She encouraged me to run closer to God instead of sprinting to divorce. I still use her tools, and mentally replay scriptures to help steer me away from stinking thinking.   KARY

A fabulous opportunity at less than HALF PRICE!

LET GO & THRIVE with all the bonuses is valued at $727, but because I'm so passionate about taking you to the next level in your spiritual and emotional health, I'm determined to keep the cost low. That's why I'm offering the course for LESS than HALF PRICE. You'll only pay $297. 

Why am I doing this? Because I’m committed to helping women. The Lord gave me this illustration through the story of the widow and the oil in 2 Kings 4. Gather empty vessels, close the door and pour out the oil. That's what Let Go & Thrive is all about. A place where you can privately find hope and healing and be filled up with the oil of joy! 

How Does it Work?

Your course dashboard:

During week 1 of LET GO & THRIVE, you'll be given access to the course dashboard—this is where you'll view your lessons each week and download printable worksheets to help you reflect on the course principles and implement them into your life and relationships.

The highlight of each week is when we come together for a live one-hour meeting on Zoom’s video platform that I will personally lead. These will be dynamic discussions centered around the curriculum and the real issues each of you face. You’ll be challenged with compassion, grace and God’s truth to overcome the obstacles that compromise your peace.

If you can't make it to the live sessions, don't worry. They'll always be available for replay so you can catch up, or re-watch and take notes if you didn't catch everything the first time.

In addition to the online learning materials, you'll have access to the private LET GO & THRIVE Facebook community where you can ask questions and connect with myself and other women in the group.

Who is LET GO & THRIVE for? 

Single, married, divorced, or widowed women who want to let go of the past and find personal freedom with themselves and in romantic relationships.

How many women are in a group? 

Great question! In order to maintain a climate of trust and confidentiality as well as give each woman time to share during our weekly video meetings, groups will be limited to no more than 10 women each. 

A fabulous opportunity at less than Half Price!

Plus you can add on individual coaching sessions at up to 35% off my normal rates! 

I can't wait to see everything God is going to do to help you find the freedom you deserve! 

On a budget? Convenient payment options are always available. 

group package

includes coaching group with curriculum and workbook





single payment or payment options

  • 8 weeks of curriculum
  • 8 live Zoom group meetings
  • Limited to 12 ladies
  • Private Facebook group
  •  20% discount on all future coaching sessions
Curriculum only package

If Zoom session times are not an option for you, the curriculum only package is for you. You'll get private access to the dashboard with the workbook, curriculum and video teaching so you can study at your own pace.   



  • immediate access to the dashboard with 8 weeks of curriculum 
  • Private Facebook group 
  • 20% discount on all future coaching sessions

Still have Questions?

Email me at and we'll schedule a phone call to answers any concerns you have! 

"Christy has a gift to speak life, reason and hope into the most chaotic hearts...."

"After two failed marriages and countless tragic relationships my close friend demanded I read Love Junkies. So a hung over and heartbroken me climbed in the bathtub with her book- desperate for some relief. By the time I reached page 13 I was crying my face off and had texted all my girlfriends highlighted chunks of the pages and shot an email to Christy letting her know she had a believer in me."   SAMANTHA

"If you carry the bricks from your past into your future, you'll end up building the same house."

PS. Let's do this together. Brick by brick, we'll lay a new foundation for a brand new you!

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