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Christy’s Story on TBN March 2015

May 06, 2015

As a former love junkie addicted to unhealthy relationships, Christy shares how God transformed her life of misery into a message of hope.

Freedom From Abusive Relationships

Oct 10, 2014

Christy Johnson, soul health advocate & author of Love Junkies, shares her story on TBN about her journey out of relationship addiction. She encourages others that there is freedom & healing from the toxic love rut that often leads to relationship addiction and unhealthy or abusive relationships.

Birthstools and Babies

Feb 06, 2014

Are you pregnant with a vision? The birth of new things often begins with crisis. Press past the pain to deliver your dream.

Addicted to Love

Feb 06, 2014

God often gives sneak previews of His plans in tiny glimpses that don’t seem to make sense. How can you tell what it means?