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All Things Beautiful

Flower through key hole

These were the words spoken by Gabriel to Mary informing her that she was going to have a baby: The Holy Spirit will come on you and the power of the most high will overshadow you. An interruption. An unplanned pregnancy. A divine conception. God does that a lot. Besides babies, He births other things […]

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How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick


I hate New Year’s resolutions. I start out with great intentions, but they rarely stick past the first few weeks. So several years ago I quit making resolutions. Instead, I began asking God for a New Year’s Revelation—a word directly from His heart to mine. A word that would empower me to new heights in […]

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When God Uses Women to Speak


A few months ago I attended Watershed, a training and equipping program for women to move in New Testament prophecy. Jan Bingaman, the leader, teaches and empowers women in order to prepare for the upcoming revival of love. “New Testament prophecy is different than Old Testament,” explains Jan. “New Testament prophecy is for the purpose […]

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Better Broken

better broken

Dealing with the issues of life seems to be the thesis of my existence, but I can sum up in three short words my credentials for writing on this subject: Life, love and kids…or should I say, love-life and kids? Oh, and I forgot—sex. And my ex. These arenas have given me more education than […]

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What is Your When Then?


In our performance driven world, even as Christian women who love the Lord, often we put aside our joy until we feel we’ve earned the right to have it. Amanda is tired every day. Tired of potty training. Tired of taking little Ethan back and forth to the toilet, especially for false alarms. “It seems […]

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Christmas with the Crazies


Our pastor has been preaching a series this month entitled “A Dysfunctional Family Christmas”. “If you have a crazy family member, raise your hand,” he instructed from the pulpit on Sunday. Looking around I noticed that most everyone raised their hand. Some people raised both. “Now for those of you that didn’t raise your hand,” […]

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What is Your Giant?


In his book, Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby writes, “What you believe about God will determine what you do and how you live.” What do you believe about God? Do you believe He is able to kill your giants? If you were a little shepherd boy faced with Goliath, would you have worn King Saul’s armor […]

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