A microphone is like a stick of dynamite in Christy’s hand. As a relationship and soul-health coach, popular national speaker, author and Executive Director of Living Soul, Christy’s driving passion is to help women find hope and strength in the aftermath of betrayal and brokenness caused by abuse or toxic relationships.

Christy has spent the last ten years speaking to women’s groups sharing transparently about her journey out of domestic abuse, relationship addiction and the process of forgiving her offender. Her life took a dramatic turn after the death of her two-year old son, Jake, who died in a tragic car accident while her ex-husband was driving under the influence of several drugs. In the midst of her darkness, however, Christy found hope. She often relates, “Every shard of pain prepared me for my purpose. I knew my destiny the day my son died.”

Fueled by a passion to see other women set free, Christy set aside her career in banking to begin writing and speaking. Audiences respond instantly to her warm personality, but when they hear her story they witness the undeniable power of God in the midst of tragedy. Christy’s journey through abuse and forgiveness gives her a unique boldness, authenticity and authority to challenge other women to race after their own freedom and find healing for their souls.

Christy’s video teaching series that accompanies Love Junkies is used in over 80 small discipleship groups nationwide in churches, maternity homes, prison ministries and drug rehab facilities. Her YouVersion Bible plan for Love Junkies hit 53,000 downloads 7 months after it went live.

In 2018, Christy was one of 12 finalists chosen out of over 3500 submissions in the prestigious Guideposts contest. She also has several stories published in Chicken Soup for the Soul and was a contributing writer for God, Girls, and Getting Connected by Robin Marsh and Lauren Nelson. Appearing on numerous radio and TV programs including Trinity Broadcasting Network, Christy’s message of hope inspires women that whether they are in or out of a relationship, they can live confident content lives.

Currently, Christy is working on her next book, Free Looks Good on You: Carving a Path Past Betrayal and Brokenness to Live a Life that’s Fully Present. She feels strongly about empowering women, not just because of her own healing. She’s compelled by a vision the Lord gave her over twenty-five years ago. Christy saw herself standing with Jesus on top of a mountain in the desert. Winding around the mountain and off into the distance as far as the eye could see was a single-file line of women traveling up the mountain. When she asked the Lord what the women were doing, He replied, “Those are the women you will help.”

Today, everything Christy does is defined by that vision. In a generation desperate for truth she’s determined to deliver it.

Christy and her husband John have been married for 20 years. Together they have three adult children. All three have flown the coop and her and John live in Edmond, Oklahoma with several ceramic dogs.


Pictured from left to right:  [top row] Garrett-the kindest and most talented saxophone player ever and actually born on National Saxophone Day…(yes, there is a day for everything), Melissa-the most passionate and gracious person you’ll ever meet  [bottom row] John, the LOVE of Christy’s life, Christy, and Brittany- the artist who painted the vision and the one who always makes Christy laugh

Brittany and Garrett are Christy’s children from her first marriage, and Melissa is John’s daughter from his first marriage.

And here is Jacob, forever 2, who resides in heaven on streets of gold.


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