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Start a LOVE U for Love Junkies group and help women break the toxic love rut!300_mighty_women

You don’t have to be a ministry leader or pastor’s wife to lead a group. You just have to have a heart for women and be YOU!

By using the companion video teaching series and curriculum created for Love Junkies, 7 Steps for Breaking the Toxic Relationship Cycle you can help women learn how to eliminate toxic behaviors that jeopardize their soul health and keep them stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns. They’ll learn how to change their habits and heal their soul and most importantly, break the toxic love cycle!

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Leaders Kit

The Love U for Love Junkies Leaders Kit comes with all the tools you need to lead an interactive and successful group. You’ll get 9 video sessions approximately 20 minutes each of content not included in the book. Your leaders kit will contain dynamic group discussion exercises and questions that will help you lead interactive sessions. Detailed action points for each of the seven steps will challenge your group members to not only learn scripture truths but actually apply them to their own lives through suggested exercises.

Companion Set

The Love U for Love Junkies Leader’s Guide contains all the resources you need to have a successful interactive 10 week session of your own.

Want to lead a group? For the first time ever, I’m offering free access to all the resources. Why? Because I heard the Lord tell me this year to pour out. Pour out everything I have to make a difference. So here goes. Now you can not only watch the teaching series, but you can also Get Free Access to the Leader’s Kit!

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The dynamic teaching is foundational soul health education that helps women change their habits, heal their soul and break the toxic love rut. Here is an overview of the 7 steps:

(Notice the steps spell out the acronym IF-I-PRAY.)

7 steps

Whether women are single, married, or want to be married, it’s essential that they get rid of toxic behaviors that destroy their joy and threaten their current or future relationships. That way they can ditch the drama and find the contentment they’ve always wanted so they can prosper in their soul.

Why is it important for us to prosper in our soul? Because we attract who we are. Experts say that we gravitate towards friends and relationships within a ten-point spread of our IQ. Likewise, in the realm of soul-health, we also attract those with whom we are most emotionally compatible. That can be a good thing…or a bad thing. It depends on how much baggage we carry around! But…there is good news! When we improve our soul health our relationships stand the best chance to improve as well. 

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There are so many issues women face today, even in the church. Christian women struggle just like any other women, but often the shame and the fear of judgment prevents them from talking about their issues. Instead, they suffer in silence often thinking no one will understand. But the truth is that there are scores of Christian women who are dissatisfied with their marriages, troubled by divorce or looking for love in all the wrong places. And many more who are disillusioned by the unrealistic portrayals of romance depicted by Hollywood. They need an answer.

They need a Mighty Woman to lead them. 

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With divorce being more “normal” than staying together, til death do us part is becoming a thing of the past. Women are entering the dating world in record numbers. And they’re clueless because everywhere they turn, the standards of the world slap them in the face. Women that do stay married aren’t necessarily happy. Many are miserable and married.  Women today are stuck in a toxic love rut.   Let’s help them get unstuck!

That’s where you come in!

hope quote without dotsWomen learn and heal best in a small group setting with a caring and compassionate facilitator. Their hope is restored when they are ministered to, not by a woman who has a perfect past, but by a woman whose past has been perfected. It doesn’t matter if you’ve led several Bible studies or recovery groups or none at all. I believe if God has put it on your heart to lead a group, He will also empower and equip you with the grace to do it.

By using the curriculum created for Love Junkies, 7 Steps for Breaking the Toxic Relationship Cycle you can help women learn how to eliminate toxic behaviors that jeopardize their soul health and keep them stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns. They’ll learn how to change their habits and heal their soul and most importantly, break the toxic love cycle!

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Where can I start a group?

Leaders can start groups just about anywhere—in their home, at a coffee shop, online, at work on their lunch hour, or of course, in their church.

Over 50 discipleship groups have already formed through churches, prison ministries, drug rehab centers and transitional homes for women in Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Washington and even Australia.

love junkies groups as of september 2016
You don’t have to be in the ministry or on staff of a church to lead a Love U group. You just have to have a heart to help and the rewards of leading a group are tremendous.

Here’s what Micah, one of my leaders, said to encourage Steffanie, another woman now leading a group:


micha's comment

And Jen Howlett from Barrie, Ontario, Canada who has led four studies at her church, said this: 

I love the way the Love Junkies curriculum generated group learning and group support. You made it so easy for us to open up. It really created an environment where we could support one another in our growth and be honest and real.


Ready to get started? Now for the first time, you can get free access to all the leader’s materials. Normally at $39 value, but because this is my year to pour out, I’ve decided to open the doors and give free access to the leader’s kit and the participant’s handouts. Click here to get yours!

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