Emotional abuse leaves invisible scars that can leave you feeling trapped and worthless. If you’re tired of the toxic cycle of control, deceit, betrayal and manipulation, I want to help you restore your dignity and self-worth. That's why I wrote
What the Bible Says About Emotional Abuse
. When you understand what the Bible says about emotional abuse you can embark on a freedom journey toward joy, wholeness and empowerment.

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The Truth About Confrontation

inner me (1)

our enemy is our inner me Confrontation is scary especially when fear has intimidated you and you’ve coped by shutting down, smiling and being cooperative even when you were mistreated or lied to. Jamie hated confrontation. As long as she could remember, she was always afraid to stand up for herself because she felt like […]

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Are we supposed to submit to harsh leaders?


Recently I received the following question on another blog post I wrote titled When Submission is Twisted. Because my answer got a bit long winded, I decided to write a new post on this subject. If you find it relevant, I’d love to hear your comments. submission or passivity? Question:I was once under church leaders […]

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Reclaiming your Voice


Growing up as an energetic chatty young girl, I must have driven my dad crazy. I pestered him with a million questions. With lots and lots of stories. If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times. After taking a long puff of his Swisher Sweet cigar, a cloud of smoke and frustration […]

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When Submission is Twisted


When it comes to past destructive relationships, have you ever criticized yourself and thought, “I should have known better”? “Why didn’t I see that coming? Or “Why did I put up with his control, manipulation, addiction, abuse, adultery, or _______ (you fill in the blank)?” Sometimes, our tolerance for abuse or evil behavior is the […]

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How to Confront Emotional Manipulation


Have you ever been seduced by a manipulator? Tricked and deceived by flattery and charm only to later discover that the relationship was built on lies? It’s devastating when all of a sudden affirmation and attention turn into criticism, angry outbursts or silent treatment and other mind games. When deceit, malicious behavior and abuse occur, […]

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