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Were You Born to be Somebody?

  In 1962 my family moved from Syracuse, New York across the country to Bethany, Oklahoma, otherwise known to easterners as the land of cowboys and Indians. The first thing we did was visit the Cowboy Hall of Fame. My older brothers dressed the part. Bruce and Flip looked like they walked off the set […]

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How to Get Rid of a Grudge

Ladies, have you ever wondered how to get rid of a grudge? The truth is that most of us try to conceal a grudge, rather than get rid of it, but let me just say this: A grudge cannot be covered up. Masking a grudge is like trying to conceal that extra 5 lbs you […]

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3 Ways to Defend Sarcasm

Have you ever fallen prey to sarcastic people? Sarcasm is a powerful weapon, but often so well disguised that we don’t recognize it until we have battle wounds that need healing. Sarcastic people often minimize the effects of sarcasm by saying, “I was only joking,” or “Don’t be so sensitive.” Sarcasm may seem innocent, but […]

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10 Ways to Know if Others are Taking Advantage of You

Do others take advantage of you? It may sound harsh, but it may be your own fault. Click to Tweet I know that may be a tough pill to swallow, but once when you accept the responsibility to take care of yourself, it will set you free. In my past, when I recognized that often I was to […]

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Is Faith Fact or Fiction?

It doesn’t matter where you turn. Magazines, billboards and commercials boast the latest and greatest must-haves. There are always new styles, new cars, smart devices and electronic gadgets that can make you feel like if you don’t own them you don’t measure up. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to fall for the lie that you’re […]

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Shine Like Stars

shine like stars in the universe

In a world consumed with tabloids and fame, social media has enlarged our capacity for comparison. As Christian women, how can we deal with the constant pressure to measure up? How can we be relevant to our culture and still be the light God created us to be? Tabloids tout the shining stars of Hollywood, […]

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How to Protect Your Spiritual Vision

I used to think imagination was a bad thing—that it was wrong to dream. That only “dreamers” dreamed. Dreamers were people who hoped for things that were on the edge of reality. Things that could never possibly come true. I’d heard one too many times as a small girl, “You have a great imagination!” It […]

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How Coaching with Christy Johnson Can Help You

My name is Christy also. I am single and in my late twenties. I have been in the “dating game” for about ten years now. As you can imagine, after so long, with a list of failed relationships a mile long, you begin to wonder, what am I doing wrong? How do I keep ending […]

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Birthing Pains

Are you waiting on a promise? Between the promise and the delivery of your promise, there is usually this unwelcome four-letter word called pain. Like it or not, pain is typically unavoidable. So how do you endure when the pain increases? Vision. Vision is vital and it’s important to keep the vision before you. Why is […]

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