I help determined women—women just like you—find the freedom they need to prosper in life, love and relationships. Improving your relationships and soul health is easy when you find liberty in four key areas. Which do you need help with?


Setting My Boundaries

Discover how guarding your heart can dramatically improve your self confidence and create a climate for healthier and more satisfying relationships.


Forgiving and Forgetting

Every memory, good or bad, is stored as an image. When hurts and wounds come these images can be hard to erase and we’re left with the lingering effects of bitterness. Let me help you learn how to release the burden of offenses and rid your soul of toxic waste so you can enjoy maximum soul prosperity.


Managing My Expectations

Do his actions frustrate you? Does disappointment rule your peace and steal your joy? Unmet expectations are a set up for disappointment. Let me help you learn the difference between realistic and reasonable expectations so you can free yourself from discontentment.


Finding My Identity

Do you compare yourself to others and always come up short? Find out how to stop the toxic brain chatter and put an end to people pleasing. It’s time to thrive in your uniqueness and find the freedom to be YOU.

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What Others are saying about coaching with Christy
How is coaching different than counseling
What are your rates?
Where do you hold sessions?
How do I schedule an appointment?
What happens next?
How coaching can help you
What kind of coaching groups do you offer?


Christy is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach and obtained her Life Coaching certification through Light University. She is endorsed by American Association of Christian Counselors.

AACCLight University

Christy is a dynamic communicator, award-winning writer, popular conference speaker and the author of Love Junkies, 7 Steps for Breaking the Toxic Relationship Cycle and Free Looks Good on You: Healing the Soul Wounds of Toxic Love.

As a soul-health advocate and life coach, Christy helps women identify roots of bitterness, maintain joy in the midst of adversity and develop drama-free habits that improve relationships.

For the past twenty years, Christy has mentored hundreds of women through her teaching and speaking ministry, and as a Life Coach, Christy has even more tools to help you establish your confidence in Christ and find freedom and peace amid the issues of life.

What others are saying about coaching with Christy:

I’ve read relationship book after book and every Christian self-help book out there on how to change. But nothing has ever worked–until I stumbled onto Christy’s website for Love Junkies and discovered she offered “coaching.”


I am a proud graduate of coaching with Christy, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for her wise counsel, her kind encouragement, and her memorable training.  She is organized and to the point, an empathetic listener, and a friendly guide to help you cope with healing from toxic relationships.  She is just the sister in Christ I needed to walk beside me during my separation from my husband, and I can move forward in confidence, knowing I have all the tools I need to take the next step.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  If you’re on the fence about coaching, just DO IT.  You will find much blessing from it! Emily

I just wanted to say thank you for all you taught me my junior year of college. What a blessing you have been to me. I talk and teach weekly on the very things you taught me: boundaries, how to speak and pray scripture, and how to hear God’s voice. You gave me such practical tools and your ministry has blessed me and many others. I am amazed and shocked by the amount of people I have been having to disciple on how to implement boundaries. People really don’t know. Your tools are changing lives. Bless you. Danica Castaneda 

My name is Christy also. I am single and in my late twenties. I have been in the “dating game” for about ten years now. As you can imagine, after so long, with a list of failed relationships a mile long, you begin to wonder, what am I doing wrong? How do I keep ending up with the wrong men and in unhealthy relationships that are only hurting me? I did not realize…read the rest.

Christy is anointed by God and sees things others don’t. She helped me tap into things I needed to work on, digging up roots I didn’t know existed. In the past I fell for potential, but as a result of coaching with Christy, I will no longer settle for a counterfeit. I’m waiting on God’s best. Stefannie Powell

Because of the verbal abuse I endured as a child, I became tangled in a life of sexual compromise. The shame was overwhelming, but through the principles I learned through Christy’s course, I walked down the isle with my purity restored. My first kiss with my husband was at the altar. Vanessa Alexander

Your coaching  was a huge inspiration and offered me the encouragement and accountability that I so badly needed! I will forever be grateful that God placed you in my life. Halston Hendley

Christy’s coaching provided me with the tools to overcome hang-ups and set-backs that have been a constant struggle.  I still have to execute them myself, but I now have a path to follow that I know is God-breathed. Ashley

Christy has such a gift for communicating hope and sharing in a real, practical and transparent way. What a blessing! Dorea Potter, Stonecroft Ministries

Very helpful and informative.  I learned how to be a healthy person spiritually and Christy helped prepare me to be my best so I can enjoy healthy relationships.   Crystal

How is coaching different than counseling?

Coaching is a lot different than counseling. Counseling takes a long look at your past, while coaching takes you from where you are now to where you want to go. Coaching is a support system for change. It focuses on your future and helps you navigate change by creating a realistic plan. With support, encouragement and accountability from someone who believes in you, you can shed habits that have kept you bound for years and accomplish far more than you’ve ever done alone.

Coaching also helps create self-awareness. Besides your coaching sessions, you’ll be challenged with assignments I like to call soul work. I’ll help you discover who you are, help you define your values, purpose, goals, dreams, strengths, talents and gifts by utilizing soul health assessments and other inventories. We’ll also work together on goal setting and planning.

Coaching is client-driven. I’ll help you identify your goals and develop a reasonable plan, but you decide what areas you want to focus on and where you want to concentrate your efforts. You decide what strengths need to grow and what weaknesses need to go.  Then together, I’ll help guide you there!

What are your rates?

Single sessions are $110 for a 55 minute session, but you save when you purchase a package.

  ♥  2 session package $199    

  ♥  3 session package $279     

  ♥  6 session package $509  

Purchase your package here

Where do you hold sessions?

Coaching sessions are conducted through Zoom. If you prefer we can schedule phone calls, and if you live in Edmond, Oklahoma, you’re welcome to come to my office.

How do I schedule an appointment?

It’s easy! You can check my availability on Calendly and select your session time here.

What happens next? 

If you are a new client, you’ll receive an email from me with two forms. One is my Client Data Form. I’ll ask you a few questions about your background and goals for coaching. I’ll also ask you to tell me a little bit about what your perfect life would look like and what stops you from having it. Then I’ll ask you to email it back to me so I can get prepare for our first session.

The other form is a Client Agreement that you can sign electronically through DocuSign. It’s a snap!

How do you start sessions?

I always spend time in prayer before each session to ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance for you and the unique issues, concerns and goals you have. As a result, I don’t have a specific format that I follow, because the Lord would usually wreck my plans anyway with a redirect. He’s like that:)  My aim is to treat you as an individual and tailor each session with only you in mind. And I always like to end each call by praying specifically for you!

How Coaching Can Help You

As women we know how to vent and pour out our complaints to God, but sometimes we all need a life coach to help us regain our perspective and focus. That’s where Christian soul coaching comes in. Sometimes we need someone else to help us navigate past the negative thought patterns we’ve established that keep us bound in bitterness, misery and toxic relationships. No matter what your circumstances, you can have peace that passes all understanding. You can have joy even in the midst of relationship drama. You can have peace in the middle of chaos.

You may be thinking, Christy, how can you say that? You don’t know where I’ve been. 

To which I’d reply, “Oh, yes I do! I wasn’t always peaceful. I used to live in the pit. I was pitiful. And yes, I was a Christian. But I’m here to tell you that just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you know how to get your confidence from Him instead of others. Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you know how to forgive. Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you know how to align your vision with His plan for your life. Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you know how to maintain your resolve in the midst of temptation.”

Ladies, I was in church, attended home groups and Bible studies, but I was misssss-er–able!!  When I was single, I was miserable. When I was married I was even more miserable. I was desperate, but I thank God everyday for the women who helped pull me out of the pit. I thank God for the women who helped me understand how to have access to everything the Bible promises.

If you have received the gift of salvation, you have access to everything the Bible promises, too!

The joy of the Lord is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10). 
You are more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37). 
You have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16).  
You can have the hope that never disappoints (Romans 5:5).  
You can have peace in the midst of chaos (Philippians 4:12).  

I am living proof that through His strength YOU are well able. You can live the exceedingly abundantly joy-filled life. I’ve experienced the transforming power of these verses myself, but because the patterns of this world had me so bound, someone had to help me. And now I want to help you.

I want to help you change you.

That’s right. Change you! You may not be able to change your circumstances. You may not be able to change your man, but you can change YOU!

I love the story of Lazarus where Jesus brought back to life a man who had been dead for four days. When Lazarus “came forth” out of the tomb at Jesus’ command, he was still wrapped in grave clothes. He was alive, but he didn’t come leaping out. Think about it. Picture it. He was so bound in grave clothes, he could only take one-inch steps. He may have been alive, but he needed someone to help him get out of his grave clothes.

Is that the way you feel? Alive, but only able to take micro baby steps? Do you need someone to help you take off your grave clothes?
I’m here to tell you that if you are willing to “come forth”, if you are willing to shed your grave clothes, no matter what your life looks like today, YOU CAN live a confident joy-filled life. It’s time for you to come forth! Don’t delay. Invest in your soul health today.

What kind of groups do you offer?

Let Go & Thrive is an 8 week online group that meets weekly through Zoom, a video conferencing platform. Find out more here.

Love U: How to Protect your Heart When Others Won’t. Find out more here.

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