Do you say “yes” too much?



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38 Responses to Do you say “yes” too much?

  1. Kate at #

    I really like this!

    • Christy Johnson at #

      I’m glad it was helpful!

      • Wendy at #

        Ive gotten way off track and allowed myself to say yes to things I now regret. I’m turning things around with God’s strength and help through the word and this study. Its help me SO much I plan on going back through it again and again if I have to to get this down deep and firmly placed. This has been such a blessing I cant even begin to thank you enough.
        Stay strong stay blessed and stay diligent.

        • Christy Johnson at #

          I’m sooo glad this was helpful to you Wendy!

        • VERA at #

          I value helping out others but I am thoughtful to not be audience to people looking to blame others for there situations.
          I encourage by having prayer when someone is feeling lost and having overwhelming moments.

      • Marguerite (Peggy) James at #

        Good morning, yes I do not wanting to hurt others , but Iโ€™m not feeling good by putting myself involved

      • I don’t refuse even when I know deep down my heart that it’s wrong for the sake of a relationship most of the times.

        • Christy Johnson at #

          I used to avoid conflict all the time. I thought I was being kind and thoughtful. But when I realized that avoiding conflict is self-preservation and therefore selfish, (OUCH!) I had more motivation to speak up. Keeping silent for the sake of a relationship or keeping the peace is self destructive. Peter Bromberg says it well: When we avoid difficult conversation, we trade short-term discomfort for long-term dysfunction.

    • Gloria Daniel at #


    • Linda at #


      • Daniel at #

        What if Iโ€™m married to a woman who signs me up for everything and gets mean when I say no…

    • Sheila Badovinac at #

      Yes. I am always will to help and sometimes it is to overwhelming
      I have been doing much better after divorcing the covert narcissistic I was married to for 28 yrs
      I am still growing and learning. As he has all my kids sat against me and is alienating them from me.

    • ๐——๐—ฒ๐—ฏ๐—ผ๐—ฟ๐—ฎ๐—ต at #


  2. Chloe at #

    This was great

  3. Morgan Collins-Annan at #

    Wow I didnโ€™t even notice how much my life is run by what others expect of me. I thought I was the dominating personality, but I really am run by others.

    • Christy Johnson at #

      You are not the only one! I did this quiz with a group of counselors and they were shocked by their answers. Quit the eye opener:)

    • All i can say is that these entire class of quizzes relieves me to know that i am not the ONLIEST One. All the counseling i am doing all the praying and Lord have mercy all the reading…nothing compares to feeling like I’m grouped with other wonderful women. Eager to see God operate in our lives. Oh how i wish and pray to be in a class or meeting of yours Mrs Christy. One day. One day. It’s a shame that others i know could benefit from just reading the book. Will not. The shame is so great for some people. But not me. I’m going to tell it on that devil. I refuse to live another day in the pit. Thank you for being obedient.

      • Tamara Lewis at #

        Ms Rose if they wont read it do it for them make a blog or leave daily post with jewels they may not read her book but if nosey like my friends they will read ur page. This is your opportunity to share what you are receiving with others. I am inspired to do just that
        I’m gonna do one for teens and one for women singles and married dealing with narcissist and self worth. I need all this help but will help my sisters otw

        • Christy Johnson at #

          Tamara, thank you for starting a group! I pray God’s anointing on it. Please let me know if you need any promotional materials to help spread the word.

  4. Mylu at #

    Wow is very acure!!! Thanks Christy!

    • Christy Johnson at #

      I hope it helps!

  5. ml at #

    I took two of the quizzes. Neither provided a summary. Is there a point other than the individual questions?

    • Christy Johnson at #

      Yes, there are summaries, but after you submit, you may have to scroll down a bit to see the results.

  6. I started reading this plan with my significant other.

    • Christy Johnson at #

      So glad! While I created the book and the plan for women, the principles are appropriate for anyone wanting to navigate healthy relationships!

  7. Susan at #

    This the second quiz , I felt like after taking them it has me peg. But, I also feel like OMG! I have let God down so much. I love God and I do want to go to heaven some day. Help me figure this out

    • Christy Johnson at #

      God loves you so much Susan! He sent Jesus to die for you! If you’ve accepted God’s gift of salvation, you can’t let Him down. He remembers your sins no more!

  8. Patty at #

    You have helped me see things more clearly. Although well-intentioned, Iโ€™m actually sabotaging my own peace.

    • Christy Johnson at #

      Praise God for revelation! Now change come forth!

  9. Sharon Johnson at #

    This was very helpful to get me to understand why I do/allow thingsalso helps me to understand the places I need growth in

  10. Lois at #


  11. Carmen at #

    Yes Because I don’t want to hurt people fi Feelings always give hope for being so nice…. Now at 55 I say no all the time if it doesn’t make me feel Right.

    • Christy Johnson at #

      Carmen, it good that you’re paying attention to your feelings. Saying no when it doesn’t feel right is one of the best ways to guard your heart!

  12. AJ at #

    Yes. I hope and I pray that I can forgive myself completely and the. Man I love forgive me. So much pain trouble i caused because of saying yes always.

  13. Danny Cribbs at #

    Hey, Mrs. Johnson, I stumbled onto your devo in my YouVersion app and I have actually done both of your tests: Soul Detox(?) and this one about Saying Yes(?). I’m actually happily married to my wife of now 21 years and..I’m not going to lie…. she is a tough cookie. But so much of the time, I feel like I’m being a burden to her because of my past toxic relationship(s), one in particular with my biological mother. My wife keeps telling me to “let it go” and I keep praying to God about it to hopefully get some kind of guidance or answer, healing if you will, from the painful longevity and abuse I endured with that relationship. My first two relationships, my ex-wife and an ex-girlfriend, I believe were also effected by my past in some significant way or another.
    So, to better understand the situation, my biological mother, Candy, was sick. She had an extremely, intense mental illness..I think a mix of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia possibly, etc. that really messed up her ability to hold down a good relationship. One thing she used to say that stuck with me and really saddened me was, “God is an S.O.B. and I never wanna go live with him.” She really felt God had deserted her and left her for someone better. Can you believe that? Then it was, “I hate men” which has kinda molded my behavior drastically, especially with women because Lord knows that I wanna piss women off or make them hate me.
    Anyways, sorry put so much down here. I just would like some kind of input, feedback, whatever to help me come to full healing and forgiveness (for sure..) and release the bitterness and resentment I have allowed to deteriorate my heart and soul (HEB. 12:4-5). Any kind of advice would truly help. I really enjoyed the devo by the way. Thanx.

  14. Katlego at #

    Thank you very much,I am on a new journey with Christ and I wanna attract myself healthy relationships and I realised that it starts with me putting forward boundaries and being able to say NO without feeling guilty
    Today i am happy to find out that saying No is actually not a bad thing
    May God help me to stand firm in my Yes and No and my life not to be ran by other people

  15. Hi I need your help

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