Last Call

weight of the world 2000When the bills pile up.

When your kids rebel.

When the doctor gives a bad report.

When your boyfriend breaks up or your husband wants a divorce.

Is Christ your first call or last call?

Truth be known, my life was a wreck, but I thought I could fix it. I didn’t want to ask God for help because I thought His answer would be too




That’s how I viewed a Christian life. Full of rules and restrictions, a long list of things I couldn’t do.


Asking God for help was the last thing I wanted to do.

I could fix things. Patch things up. Self-medicating my pain with shopping, drinking and relationships may only give temporary relief, but it would be much better than a life in a prison of rules.

Until I got to my last call.

I tried everything in my own strength before I was willing to ask for help, but at the end of options, God was the only answer. Desperation led me to Him, but mercy made me stay.


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2 Responses to Last Call

  1. Jamie Cote at #

    Sounds like my life

  2. Christy Johnson at #

    It’s time to turn over your world to Him! He is ABLE!

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