Lookin’ for Love

give your heart to God and love to othersAs I’m writing this on a Friday afternoon at 4:00, it’s almost officially the weekend, the time of the week that in my former love junkie days was meant for man hunting. When happy hour did not produce any attractive results, come dark-thirty, I was out in full force…at my favorite boot-scooting-honkey-tonk looking for love. But in my desperation, I never found what I wanted.

I found lots of Cowboy Cassanovas. They’re a dime a dozen. (In case you never noticed, the devil looks really hot in a cowboy hat and a pair of tight fitting blue jeans.)

The winks and Wranglers kept me high long enough to last until the next weekend when I was back at the bar waiting for another whiskey and waltz around the dance floor. It was a like an adult version of a merry-go-round. I was on an endless loop. My unworthiness and addiction caused continual compromise because I had no clue how to guard my heart. I was desperate to give it away.

And that was the problem.

I knew the Bible said to guard your heart for out of it flow issues. Oh, I had my share of issues for sure. But I had yet to learn how to guard my heart. It took many years of sorrow to learn what I now know….The best way to guard your heart is to quit giving it to men.

Men can break your heart, but God never will.

If you give your heart to God and your love to others, when others disappoint you, your heart is not broken. You’re never depleted because you’re not giving something away something that belongs to God. God keeps your heart safe while men only get the overflow.

Your heart is meant to function like a seed. Destroy the seed and it can no longer produce. Nurture the seed and it can bloom and reproduce forever.

Protect your heart.

Keep it safe and give it to God.


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6 Responses to Lookin’ for Love

  1. Gerald Deaton at #

    Thank you, Christy! I know exactly who I am sending this to!

    • Christy Johnson at #

      I hope it helps! There’s a lot of hope when we realize someone understands!

  2. Yea i totally agree. Like the. Song from u=tube. I have ——only to be with you but i still havent found what im looking for.
    It just made me easy prey to be attention, approval and love seeking. And. Preyed on I WaS. And the last one bout did me in. He was a demented, cruel, selfcentered, cruel, merciless abusive Narcissist. I

    • Christy Johnson at #

      I love what one of the girls said in my coaching group yesterday. After several failed relationships, she realized that since she was the common denominator, there must be something she needed to change. We often keep making the same mistakes until we’re willing to make changes in us. Many times it’s because we’re too tolerant of unacceptable behavior, too nice and lack boundaries. #TimetoChange

  3. Pilar at #

    How can I receive daily messages

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