When is Beauty Vain?

I know a girl named Holly, born in 1887.
Her destiny began with purpose and zeal.
She set the pace for lifestyle and fashion
and soon became the standard,
a legend the world followed.

None could compare to her glitz and glamour,
an icon held in high esteem.
But as she rose to fame and fortune
her passion veered into obsession.

Others tried to be just like her,
studying her looks and charm.
On the cover of every magazine,
they envied her wealth and form.
When flaws were exposed
they were airbrushed and camouflaged;
it was all about image.

As imperfection increased
endeavors to conceal were amplified.
Improving the external
was of prime importance.

The weight of perfection
consumed her life
until one day she looked inside
and nothing was there.

Her soul endured a slow demise,
not apparent at first,
but when the vanity of fame
revealed the poverty of her heart,
the inside crumbled
by the burden of expectations.

Her fame could not support
the deteriorating abyss
her soul warred against.
The inevitable collapse revealed
an age old battle
between image and reality.

When the two worlds collided
her soul refused surrender.
Her crippled inner-me became
her constant enemy.

Even so, Holly remains a legend.
Her name stands still
high on the hills.
In giant white letters 45 feet tall,
her allure calls out…

“Welcome to Hollywood.”

Tabloids tout the shining stars of Hollywood, but is it wrong to be a star? Is fame a faulty foundation? Is it off track to be an icon and set the standard?

Let’s look at what the scriptures say. Philippians 2:15 says that we are to be blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which we shine like stars in the universe. We are supposed to be the stars! And we’re supposed to be famous. In fact, Hebrews devotes an entire chapter to those who were famous. The purpose of fame, however, has nothing to do with us. It’s so the world can see Jesus! We were created to be a trophy of his grace and a display of His splendor (Is 61:4) in order to spread His Fame and to be a light to the world. Our fame is only for His glory!

So let’s be the famous stars setting the standards for the world. Let’s take our place as the icons of cultural identity. I’m challenging all of us to take our role seriously, to be set apart and become the standard for this world (Romans 12:2).

If we would remove the idol of HollyWood, Holy Would we see.

If we would stop identifying with the culture of HollyWood, Holy Would we be.

If we would take HollyWood off the hill we’ve put her on, Holy Would the world see.

Let’s be the light God created us to be!

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3 Responses to When is Beauty Vain?

  1. Marta Ruffin at #

    Hello Girlfriend, I was just thinking the other day that we had not received one of your enlightening pieces, and here you are. I know that what we are clothed with spiritually will have a large bearing on our outward appearance. We are saved from the inside out, wearing the girdle of truth, breast pin of righteousness, shoes of the gospel of peace, umbrella of fatih, a hard hat of salvation, and a necklace of mercy & truth. Vera Wang can’t touch this!!!!!!!

    Much Love

  2. LaVila at #

    We were talking about this very issue in our Wednesday evening ladies class tonight. A gal who had just had a baby a few months ago was totally distraught over the weight she hasn’t been able to lose. The speaker — who once had an eating disorder — talked to her about concentrating on the inside. The older I get the more obvious it is that this flesh doesn’t hold the answer. No matter how well we take care of our bodies the beauty will deminish — that is unless we let the light of our Lord shine through us from the inside out. That’s where true beauty comes from.

    Keep up the good work, girl. Love you lots!

  3. Darla Muralt at #

    As much as we are bombarded with the image the world claims is the standard, we learned once again other wise at the conference this week-end. Our image is perfected in Christ. The image maker Himself is transforming us into His perfect likeness. And the final reflection of our true selves is His word. How dear you are to continue to remind us of His precious word and challenge us to be clothed in the true beauty of His nature. You rock girlfriend!

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