Emotional abuse leaves invisible scars that can leave you feeling trapped and worthless. If you’re tired of the toxic cycle of control, deceit, betrayal and manipulation, I want to help you restore your dignity and self-worth. That's why I wrote
What the Bible Says About Emotional Abuse
. When you understand what the Bible says about emotional abuse you can embark on a freedom journey toward joy, wholeness and empowerment.

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How to Use Boundaries and Stop Manipulation

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“I was never allowed to have boundaries as a kid,” said Jen, “so as an adult, I didn’t recognize someone was violating them. “Once when I was about five, my parents had a friend over to the house. They wanted me to sit in his lap, but I didn’t want to. For some reason, he […]

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Pain Management

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My head throbbed as I pounded the alarm clock to stop its assault. Too many drinks the night before, and it was only Wednesday. Flashbacks of the previous evening floated across my mind. Vodka gimlets in the hotel lobby. Three… or was it four? Dancing. Then he walked me to my room. I crawled out […]

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God has Good Plans for You


My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).  Have you ever heard a success story and thought, “Why can’t that happen to me?” Most of us crave success, but often, by the time a story is newsworthy, the hype makes it seem like it happened overnight. […]

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What is a Mind Affair?

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In my ministry work with singles, I’ve heard numerous stories from women who are having an emotional affair. Some women fantasize about a man who doesn’t even know their name, while others imagine a life of romantic bliss with a coworker they barely know. Women with relationship addiction tendencies take mind affairs to an obsessive […]

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Dealing with Issues that Happen Over and Over

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When it comes to forgiveness it’s often the little offenses that cause the greatest frustration. The ones that happen frequently can create a mountain of bitterness. Many times I prayed for God to remove the issue, but He was more interested in completing the work He began in me. His purpose was that I become […]

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Bond or Bondage

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Lauren has always rushed into relationships. When she met Tyler, she ignored his controlling behavior and the way he isolated her from family and friends. Soon, she was trapped in a vicious cycle of manipulation and emotional abuse followed by profuse apologies and showers of affection. In the past three years, Lauren has broken up […]

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