The Writing Tree

“How’s your book coming along?” my brother Bruce asked.

“Umm…good. I’m close to being finished.”

Define close.

“It gets embarrassing. Telling people that I’m still writing my book. Ahem…ten years later. I’m like an archer though. I don’t want to just hit the target—I want to hit the bulls eye. I could be published by now, but writing is not just about writing. A good writer has to develop an audience and that takes time.”

 “Well, Christy. It takes time to grow a tree too.”


“When you started writing, you didn’t look any more like a writer than an acorn resembles an oak tree.”

“Thanks, Bruce.”

“But you had a dream and your dream was a seed. After a while, that little seed sprouted and a sapling grew.

“I’m a sapling?”

When did you become a philosopher?

“Not forever. But don’t get discouraged. An oak tree takes years to grow shade and splendor but given the right environment, eventually, what was once a small sprout grows into a large oak tree. And so will you. So, keep doing what you’ve been doing.  Nourish your dream with prayer, belief and helping others and before you know it…you’ll be that mighty oak tree.”  

My brother called to ask about my writing.

He’s a tree trimmer.



Isaiah 61:4 And they shall be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.


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5 Responses to The Writing Tree

  1. Andi Hawkins at #

    I just realized you linked up the blog! I am SLOW!! I was just clicking around and came to visit your site again. I love The Other Side emails, and I am hapy you have a bloggy place too. Been thinkin about ya and hoping all is well. So… an acorn eh?? Me too. 🙂

  2. Melissa J. at #

    I love this story! It’s so great and so true! You are an amazing person and writer, but we all have to take the right steps to grow, so that later on you will have a firm foundation. There is a really good quote that I love that reminds me of this story.

    “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be, Now put foundations under them.

    Henry David Thoreau

    I love that because it’s like the acorn reps the castle in the air. You have your dream right where it should be, and the foundation is being put under it.

    I love you!

  3. Ron at #

    Christy, I just dropped by while browsing another blog. This is an excellent post about what you can become. Thanks for the insight.

    Many years ago while watching a Perry Stone video, I began taking notes and filled up a few pages from about a 5-7 segment regarding the gates of Jerusalem. That has turned into about 60 typed pages of notes now, and I teach the series at least once a year in the church I’m so blessed to pastor.

    I’ve been saying for a long time those notes should be turned into a book, but…..

    Life is full of beginnings, and we never know exactly what the beginning will turn into, but we must begin. Does that begin to make sense?

    Thanks for your wonderful blog. I’ll definitely be back, and you’re welcome to drop by my little slice of the net, too.

  4. Wonna C. at #

    You’re so right-on about comparisons. I think somewhere along the road we all have fallen into that trap. We could have picked it up as children and it is such a waste of time and energy. Everyone is unique and God is a God of diversity and variety!
    You have a nack for sharing things; perhaps you are to write for teenagers….teen girls maybe……
    Your sermons were always so fresh and creative whenever I used to go to VCC church. Perhaps you are called to write for singles!
    I have a heart for singles and I write for women also. I am blessed to be able to teach Bible lessons to adults and women’s issues to women. For years, I did not know where my place was at in the body of Christ. But it is such a blessing when you do find it. I encourage everyone to find their place and gifts in the body of Christ our Lord. Let God continue to use you, Christy! In His Love!

  5. Marta Ruffin at #

    Dear Friend, I feel that you are certainly getting better with each story. I love all of them, but, I must honestly say, the story about forgetting how to see really seemed to touch me deeply. There was such a lesson to be learned about how important it is to enjoy every day & seize each moment. We are so blessed, God is so good all of the time; worthy of all our praise, honor & glory. Keep letting God use you to teach us the simple things of life that we seem to take for granted.

    Much love, Peace, & success

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