Be Contagious

Being contagious is not always a bad thing. It depends on what your are carrying.

If we can catch invisible things that are bad, why can’t we catch invisible things that are good? Why do we think we can only catch bad stuff?

If you have a cold others can “catch” communicable diseases from you without even realizing they are around sickness. Likewise, when you become a carrier of the presence of God, you become contagious. 

The New Testament is full of extremely weird activities that Jesus and the apostles used to heal people. Why? Because the presence of God is contagious!

Jesus used spit to heal a blind man! The DNA of Jesus was in his saliva.

Paul anointed handkerchiefs! It sounds crazy, but the handkerchiefs were a point of touch that released the healing power.  Healing power was contagious, it was communicable by contact.

Check out how Webster’s defines the word contagious: “catching; that which may be communicated by contact.”

I bet you have a whole lot of “contacts” on Facebook. Can they catch something from you?

Think about it.

If someone with a cold breathes on you, you can get sick. If we can catch germs, why can’t we catch joy? If we can catch the flu, why can’t we catch faith? If we can catch viruses, why can’t we catch vision?

In Genesis the scriptures say that God breathed the breath of life into man and he became a living creature. The word breath in this scripture actually means spirit!

Likewise, your presence, your breath, your words, whether they are physical or virtual, have the power to produce life.  YOU ARE CONTAGIOUS.

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  1. German Roldan Jr at #

    I have been encouraged by your postings in FB, and when you mentioned to me that you had a blog I just had to check it out.
    Just read this posting, and is simply amazing, and inspirational. I will have to do some catch up reading your past blogs. May God continue to bless you, your leadership, ministry and family.

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