Do You Say “Yes” Too Much?

do you say yes without quiz

10-17 points
Can I give you a standing ovation? While you may not be perfect, you have a great handle on managing your priorities and typically don’t allow others to manipulate you or dominate your time. Whether you learned these skills the hard way or they come naturally, you have learned the art of exercising effective boundaries and allow others to be held accountable for their own responsibilities. Of course, everyone has room for improvement. Check out the article links below for tips on how to defend that occasional moment of weakness.

18-25 points
Smack in the middle is where you usually find yourself. Sometimes you feel like a juggler on a teeter totter trying to balance your own responsibilities with the demands others place on you. Often frustrated with the pressure you feel to please others, you struggle with making everyone happy and managing your own peace of mind. Can I encourage you to change your mindset about the word no? No is not a bad word. It is the best way to protect your sanity. When you feel pressured to respond to a request, instead of providing an immediate answer, you might say, “Can I get back with you on that?” Or, “I’d like to consider your request, but first I need to make sure I can manage that with the other commitments I have.” Check out the articles below for more insight.

26-33 points
You live a life ruled and dominated by what others expect of you. Frequently stressed out, you lack the ability to say no. You need constant reassurance that you are doing the right thing, but seeking that through the opinions of others has never given you the confidence you need. Rest assured, it’s okay to say no. It’s the best way to guard your heart. Jesus didn’t say yes to everything so why should you? Nobody can do everything. Give yourself a break and start by saying no to smaller requests. The initial repercussions may be difficult, but in the end, the rewards are worth the cost of change and the freedom it brings. For more wisdom in this area, check out the articles below.

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