Strength to Forgive

Have you ever felt scorched or burned by love? When we fail to release the hurts of our past, they will eventually take us captive. I’ve known women that were still bitter about something that happened fifteen years ago. Even a week is a long time to nurse a grudge. Sometimes we justify our hurts. “I deserve to be angry.” Sometimes we minimize them. “It’s not a big deal.”

In the beginning, the weight of our disappointment may not even seem heavy, but try holding a glass of water over your head. You’ll do fine for the first few minutes, but after an hour, even eight ounces will feel like a ton. It’s the same way with our hurts. Eventually a small offense turns into a huge stumbling block, not for the person who hurt us, but for us!

The Bible calls our hurts discouragement, or dismay as King James puts it. Dismay is a powerful thing. Check this out. Dismay comes from the Hebrew word chathath which means to be shattered, to be broken, to be afraid and terrified. I know you don’t want your pain to destroy your soul. It’s not wrong to feel hurt, but when we don’t surrender our hurts to God, they eventually shatter and break us down, causing us to be afraid and terrified.

Proverbs 19:11 tells us that it is to our glory to overlook an offense. An awesome thing happens when we release our hurts to God—he gives us glory in exchange for pain! Release your hurts to God today. He is able to bring comfort and healing for your soul.

Pray this: Dear Lord, Please give me the strength to forgive and release ________ to you. I don’t want to be burdened by this offense any longer. I believe when I release it to you, you will give me glory in exchange for my pain. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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3 Responses to Strength to Forgive

  1. Deb at #

    Praise God Christy, I need this so bad. Keep giving it to God and taking it back. Been doing this for 6 long years. Thank you Father in Jesus prescious name for the work you are about to do in my life. Amen

  2. LaVila at #

    Great word, Christy. Hurts are such a huge block to moving forward for so many of us. May God heal souls today through your article.

  3. Veronica at #

    You are correct that ‘letting go’ is not easy, in fact it is the most dilffcuit, yet necessary thing to do when you have been ‘offended’. It is the only way to life a life free of emotional bondage.I have been ‘offended’ in ways that I am most certain that you could never imagine, and I was determined for many years not to ‘let go'(forgive). I wanted to punish my ‘offenders’ and was afraid that my forgiveness would condone their vile acts.I have learned, through much suffering, that the only way to move forward was to ‘let go’ of the emotional ties that were keeping me from living my life to its happiest potential. I have never condoned, nor will I ever forget these vile acts, but they do not have power over me anymore.’Letting go’ is the ONLY way:)P.S. I did not learn this through any religion that I studied, but through the help of some very wise, and loving people that are in my life:)

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