A Scar is a Second Chance At Restoration

After Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to the disciples, he wanted to prove to them that he was alive, so he showed the disciples his scars. Unlike so many of us, we want to hide our scars because they remind us of our pain, but Jesus wasn’t afraid to show his scars. They weren’t painful reminders of his past, they were proof that he had overcome, evidence that he survived!

After Jesus testified of his resurrection, the Bible says in John 20:22 that he breathed on them. It’s interesting to me that in Genesis God breathed the breath of life into Adam and man became a living being, but when Jesus breathed on the disciples, they became a spiritual being. When Jesus breathes on us, he sends us. That’s what he did to the disciples. He didn’t tell them to go to Bible college. He didn’t tell them to get ordained. He sent them just as they were.

He sent disciples who struggled with fear. He send a disciple who denied he him. He sent a former murderer. He sent some who cursed and needed anger management. He sent the imperfect. God can’t send the perfect. He can only use the scarred. People who think they are perfect have no need for Christ, but most importantly, they have no witness. People who haven’t been through some stuff can’t identify with those who struggle. But through the testimony of those who are scarred, others can receive much hope. So don’t be ashamed of your scars. They’re there for a reason. Your scars prove to the world that God is still alive.

I love the acronym my husband came up with: A SCAR is a Second Change At Restoration.

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  1. Judy Walker at #

    Wow Christy that’s good!! Tell John he did good too!! I too love his acronym!! Have been sitting on the patio pondering….God is so awesome!! I am blessed beyond measure & then “bling” my phone goes off & God shows up with a word through His daughter Christy!!! Thanks for your obedience to our Farher!! Hugs! “Mama”

  2. Christy Johnson at #

    I love it Mama!

  3. janice griebel at #

    Hi, Chrisy
    I have liked many of your devotional and inspiring words. I think this one is my fav so far. It speaks such truth with empowering clarity. The title and SCAR acyronym is very good and the fact that John played a role in it makes it ring more special, a collaborated effort of two hearts striving to serve God.

    As I read through it, I thought ……this is a book in the making, one with some of your story of scars, recovery and witness of overcoming, of course, …but in addition to, a collection of other peoples short stories of their scars and how God has healed them and is now using them. Sort of a testimony inspirational collection fo short stories from 1 – a few pgs. You probably can already think of some of the brief testimonies your readers may have included on their comments, or by their comments, know they have experienced something similiar and that their recovery and insights learned might be worth sharing. With your talent and flare for writing, tying things together in a easy- to- relate- to manner… placing great scripture references and other helpful, inspirational quotes and well-placed graphics, pics, schetchs etc …. just saying….something for you to think about. You have been blessed with a very smooth reading writing style and a thought process that God uses to make the ordinary become extrordinary when applied to our spiritual awareness of God and growth in relationship with Him.

    An interesting fact about scars: Most people just think scars are ugly….but something I learned during my study of medical case histories and injury/illness recovery…. is that the design of the Human Body (God’s design) for healing is a miracle in the way the cells and layers of tissue and skin began to knit and close up, filing in gaps and hollows, making that scar…..but once the scar is formed, it is of a much tougher, stronger material than the very skin, muscle or tissue was in it’s original state before the injury/surgery. Once the scar is there it, it may shrink or fade a little through the years, but it stays with us a lifetime (unless surically removed) reminding us of what we went through and how our body miraculously healed over/recovered. Usually in most cases in life, if a structure is cracked, broken or torn, the patch to mend, the redo/reconstruction becomes the weaker point, but with a scar of tissue/skin, the mend becomes the stronger point……I think that can be applied to our emotional/life scars as well….. the question is do we allow God to use it for strength and wisdom gained, or do we allow Satan to use the scars to harden our hearts.?

    Hi, John, With the studying of body building/Fit for Life type things you did and the changes you experienced with your muscles, you could probably give Christy some additional info on how workouts tear bits of muscle tissue as we push those muscles beyond what we would normally do, and that the repair of the muscle tissue is part of building them up and strengthening, you know, just in case she prays about the thought of a book titled “SCARS, second chance at restoration” and decides to pursue it.

    God Bless.

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