Birthing Pains

Are you waiting on a promise? Between the promise and the delivery of your promise, there is usually this unwelcome four-letter word called pain. Like it or not, pain is typically unavoidable. So how do you endure when the pain increases? Vision.

Vision is vital and it’s important to keep the vision before you. Why is that so important? Because without vision people perish. When the going gets tough, when the pressure mounts, people without vision give up when the pain increases.

Labor and delivery coaches know how important vision is. That’s why they tell new mothers to find a focal point BEFORE their contractions begin. A focal point helps them press past the pain. They don’t wait until the contractions present before they find their focal point. They establish that FIRST so that when the pain comes, they already know where to keep their eyes.

Likewise, don’t wait until a crisis comes. Find your focus first and when the issues arise and threaten the delivery of your promise, keep your eyes fixed straight ahead. Don’t let pain derail you. Keep the vision before you and one day, you will birth your promise!

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