What Kind of Fragrance are You?

he movie Soul Surfer tells the story of young Bethany Hamilton, the surfer that lost her arm to a shark attack. It was a tragic accident, one that changed her life forever. As horrible as the accident was, it was in facing death that Bethany found her destiny. When she was asked if she could change that day, she replied, “I wouldn’t change what happened to me. I can embrace more people with one arm that I ever could with two.”

When others see you walk through hardship with joy, it makes them listen. It gets their attention.

1 Thessalonians 3:3 tells us not to be unsettled by our trials. We were destined for them. Destined for issues, hardships, difficulties and tragedies? Yes! Because in knowing Christ and the power of his resurrection, we have something to show the world. We have access to faith, joy, love and peace in the midst of difficulties. That speaks. People listen when they see how we respond in the middle of adversity. They take notice when they see us walking through a storm with the presence of God.

Why do they take notice? Because peace is something they are desperate for! When they see us endure the issues of life with the peace of Christ, they will wonder…they will ask. They will desire what we have!

It takes manure to make most flowers bloom. Think about it…does that really make sense that a bunch of crap makes flowers beautiful? Nope, but God’s ways are different than ours. Likewise, our trials not only make us stronger, they are a beautiful fragrance of hope to the world. When you go through issues, rejoice. You are an exotic bouquet on God’s banquet table. Let the world see you bloom!

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3 Responses to What Kind of Fragrance are You?

  1. LaVila at #

    Hi Christy,
    You’re one of the few people I know who can use the word “crap” in your writing and make it sound like it is the perfect word for the occasion. (smile) Yes, we all go through trials. Though God doesn’t bring them on, He doesn’t waste a thing. He always manages to use everything for our good — and for His good, too. He is amazing! Congratulations on all your wonderful news. Like others, it has taken you years to become an overnight success!!

  2. Marta Ruffin at #

    We must truly rejoice in our trials knowing that they only make us stronger, that Gods grace is sufficient & his strength is made perfect in our weakness. One of my favorite verses is “We overcome him (satan) by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony”. Every time God brings us through, out, & up, we are to tell it! God truly inhabits the praise of his people, and we the “Redeemed” must say so!

    Love You much Christy,

  3. Segun at #

    Smartz, I have read one or two of those letters — poewrful stuff. Wasn’t he a wonderful writer? Danni, I know what you mean. What’s more intense than a scent-triggered memory? I try to imagine what it must be like for animals with their superior sense of smell. Like 3D movies.Heidi, I often wonder what triggers those fragments. They seem random, but there must be a reason they pop up. We know so little about the brain and its mechanisms.

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