How to Redirect Your Vision

Love on the produce isleLet’s be real. How many of you daydream? When you daydream, who is the star of your dreams? Come on, you know it’s true! You are the star of your dreams. You are the diva and superstar!

As a single woman, did you ever have a daydream like this? You’re at the grocery store and out of nowhere you see the best looking guy you ever saw in your life. Immediately, your mind goes on autopilot. You give him a history. You imagine that he is single, unattached, definitely Christian, rich beyond measure and looking for you. He’s sensitive, caring, generous and ready for a relationship.

Your head is spinning. Your heart starts beating faster.

You watch the way he carefully selects just the right red pepper. Ah ha! He’s a great cook too! Just what you wanted. You can see it now. He pulls into your driveway in his perfectly detailed BMW, arrives with a fresh bouquet of exotic flowers (not roses—they’re too common) and you spend the evening cooking in the kitchen together after a perfect day at work. After dinner he drops down on one knee, pops out the bling and the next day all of your friends gasp at the two-carat engagement ring he just put on your finger.

From produce to proposal, in a matter of five seconds, you’ve imagined an entire movie! Why then do you have so much trouble believing and embracing a God-inspired vision?

When I was a young girl, I had a lot of dream smashers, so I soon learned to be ashamed of my dreams. Who was I anyway? I was ordinary. I was convinced I was a nobody, so I learned to discount my dreams and never gave them any merit. I learned to think it silly to dream—that it was a waste of time because my dreams were only fantasies and inconceivable illusions.

But let’s look at the foundation of our dreams. Let’s look at where dreams or imaginations come from.

Without vision, my people perish (Proverbs 29:18).

The ability to imagine is an amazing God given gift. Truth be known, some of our imaginations are merely diva dramas, but God gives us divine dreams to propel us toward our future. God is the author of imagination. He is the creator of dreams and vision.

When God puts His imagination in your heart, it will be something you can’t accomplish on your own. The vision will be beyond your own grasp, something you need the power of God to accomplish.

God gives you imaginations to give you vision…
Hope for the future…
Motivation to continue…
God gives you imaginations to make you a victor!

But it’s up to you to make the decision to follow God’s vision.

What will you decide?

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3 Responses to How to Redirect Your Vision

  1. Anonymous at #

    People talk about their dreams all the time. It seems as if evertone dreams. I am not a dreamer. I have had very few dreams in my 64 years of life. I never remember any of them. I want to know if there is something wrong with me?

  2. Christy at #

    I don’t always remember my dreams either, so I wouldn’t say anything is wrong if someone doesn’t think they dream, but the kind of dreams I’m talking about here is an inner passion to fulfill a vision that comes from God. It’s not easy to define a God given dream or vision, but Romans 8:16 says that his spirit testifies with our spirit. It’s an inner knowing that you can’t defy.

  3. Emin at #

    Jim Randall:In my experience, I agree that daemrs are rare. I seldom think about my daemrs being from God, because the ones I have had (that were from Him) had different implications that, at the time, were not obvious (to me).I believe most are from random events of the day mixed with issues that are going on in our lives.I’m glad that God can speak/communicate through daemrs because it may be the only way I can’t mess it up. I think

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