Better Broken

Dealing with the issues of life seems to be the thesis of my existence, but I can sum up in three short words my credentials for writing on this subject: Life, love and kids…or should I say, love-life and kids? Oh, and I forgot—sex. And my ex. These arenas have given me more education than a doctorate degree in Issueology could ever provide.  If it were just the multitude of experiences that qualified me for writing on this subject, however, I would have to pass. Everybody has trauma and drama. Rather, it was when I finally learned how to see the beauty beyond the pain that I began to look at the issues of life differently. I guess it’s the dumpster diva DNA I was born with. This creative quirk I inherited compels me to search for treasure among trash. I’ve scoured curbsides at dawn on big trash day, thrift stores are my favorite boutiques and I only go antiquing at garage sales. For me, looking for trash is not just a leisure activity—it’s a mission! It’s because I love the treasure hunt. When I find my jewel, the delight I feel reminds me of how God must feel when we finally discover a treasure among the debris in our life. You see, adversity and dumpsters have a lot in common. Sure, there’s a lot of junk in both, but if you look closely enough, you can always find a gleaming gem among the trash. The tough times in life are what make us into who we are meant to be. So remember, when you feel like you’re all banged up, God can use you better broken. He sees the treasure inside. Now it’s your turn! Encourage your sisters here. What unpleasant situations have you endured that you can now see the treasure in?
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