Your Identity Results

What your score reflects:
Please note that your score is NOT a label. Your score is only intended to help you identify your areas of vulnerability so that you can create an action plan to strengthen your areas of weakness.

If your score was between 10-15:

Your identity is drawn primarily from other people instead of God. As a people pleaser, you strive to make others happy in order to gain their approval. You may have thought your tendency to be a people pleaser was a good thing, but in actuality, your low opinion of yourself makes you a target for unhealthy relationships. A strong need for approval makes you vulnerable to manipulation and deceit and your wounded self-image makes it’s easy for others to take advantage of you. You probably suffer from a lot of anxiety as you worry about other’s opinions of you. As you study the identity scriptures and apply the identity action points, pray that God will help you see yourself as he sees you. As your identity in Christ increases, so will your confidence and peace. Your relationships will benefit as well because the more you love yourself, the more love you have to give others. Now, you can still please others, but not out of an unhealthy motive.

If your score was between 16-26:

Awareness is the biggest step to change and you are there! You recognize that your identity in Christ is essential to your soul health. Although you’re still challenged to embrace others opinions you ultimately know God’s opinion of you is the one that matters most. Continue to apply these truths until they become perfected in you. Not only will your confidence increase but when your habit of identity is secure the benefits to your relationship are many because you don’t drain others with your need for approval.

If your score was between 27-30:

While you realize getting the approval of others is a great confidence booster, you also recognize the opinions of man are a faulty foundation. You’ve learned how to put your hope in God and allow his opinion of you to be the source of your confidence. You give yourself the grace to be imperfect because you know that It’s only through Christ you can be perfected. You probably enjoy freedom from anxiety because you don’t worry about the opinions of others. Congratulations on mastering this foundation habit for soul-healthy relationships.

You can improve your score!

Action steps to improve each of the seven steps are discussed in Love Junkies, 7 Steps for Breaking the Toxic Relationship Cycle, available online at Mardel, Lifeway, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and on my store page.

For those of you who are already reading Love Junkies, refer to your answers in this Identity Assessment as you are reading and studying the Identity Step chapter in Love Junkies. Your areas of vulnerability will help you identify the areas that you need to strengthen and select action steps to help you improve!

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