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Rejoice When?

woman choosing happy not unhappy

How can you protect yourself from the despair that often blindsides you when unexpected circumstances blow in like a hurricane? One way is to decide in advance how you will respond. Intentionally. Deliberately. No matter what. Rejoice. I know you’ve heard them. The rejoice-when-you-go-through-trials and count-it-all-joy sermons. Usually a hard-pill to swallow in the middle […]

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From Captivity to Command

Woman in freedom in park

My heart is burdened for friends who are going through tragedies, depression and divorce but it was a text from a dear friend with shocking news of a recent murder that had me crying out to God in prayer. At first, all I could manage to get out was, “Jesus… Jesus… Jesus… Jesus… Jesus.” Friend, […]

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How to Deal with Rude People


Let’s face it. All of us have people in our life that get under our skin. They may belittle us, criticize us, intimidate us or just plain ole irritate us. Our natural reaction to these people is not always a godly reaction. Some of us speak before thinking and have a mess to clean up […]

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