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Broken on Purpose


My husband is a tosser. I’m a keeper. Only to hear John’s side, he might say I’m a borderline hoarder. It’s my parents fault. Mom and Dad grew up in the depression. We saved things. Dad’s garage had a ledge neatly lined with fifty Swisher Sweets cigar boxes we might need someday. And my mom—forget […]

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Rejoice When?

woman choosing happy not unhappy

How can you protect yourself from the despair that often blindsides you when unexpected circumstances blow in like a hurricane? One way is to decide in advance how you will respond. Intentionally. Deliberately. No matter what. Rejoice. I know you’ve heard them. The rejoice-when-you-go-through-trials and count-it-all-joy sermons. Usually a hard-pill to swallow in the middle […]

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From Captivity to Command

Woman in freedom in park

My heart is burdened for friends who are going through tragedies, depression and divorce but it was a text from a dear friend with shocking news of a recent murder that had me crying out to God in prayer. At first, all I could manage to get out was, “Jesus… Jesus… Jesus… Jesus… Jesus.” Friend, […]

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The Power of Forgiveness


I ran across this story written by Micah Leydorf the other day. It appeared in Single Parent Support Network’s compilation, Wingspan, Rising Above the Challenges of Single Parenting. Sort of a Chicken Soup anthology of inspiring stories for single parents. Lots of amazing stories! You can check it out on Amazon. I’m very humbled by what Micah’s […]

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Ripping the Mask off Manipulation

Controlled cover w led

I spent most of my life looking for love, affirmation and identity from relationships. Because I was so desperate, I mean vulnerable—I was easy prey for manipulative men. After all… every manipulator chooses an enabler as their dance partner. After several toxic relationships and later an abusive marriage, I became so angry I hardly recognized […]

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From Vision to Victory

from vision to victory new

Recently Phyllis Jenkins with Powerful Journey asked me to be a contributor to her book, From Vision-2-Victory: 26 Successful Strategies to Take your Visions and Dreams to Victory. She asked me to share one successful strategy that has helped me take a vision or dream from beginning to end. I’d encourage you to check out […]

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The CAST Model


“I knew something was wrong, but I couldn’t put my finger on it,” said Trisha. “All the tell-tale signs were there that Nathan was having an affair, but every time I thought about it, I tried to convince myself that I was wrong. I’d get these pings in my gut. Little things that he’d say […]

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How to Deal with Rude People


Let’s face it. All of us have people in our life that get under our skin. They may belittle us, criticize us, intimidate us or just plain ole irritate us. Our natural reaction to these people is not always a godly reaction. Some of us speak before thinking and have a mess to clean up […]

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Hilltop Mission Trip

hope center

A legion of roundtops covered in black tablecloths consumed the ballroom. My friends and I plopped our belongings down at a table in the back. The room squawked with the chatter of over 250 ministry leaders, speakers and authors. It was August of 2015. I had recently been approved to become an alliance partner with […]

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I Didn’t Wanna Do It

small beginnings 2

A lot of you may not know, but….last year I started a non-profit. I didn’t wanna do it. It wasn’t my idea. But God set me up. Have you ever been set up by God? You’re minding your own business, living life, not having a clue that God is sneaking something into your veins…You don’t notice […]

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