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A few weeks ago a friend sent me an email about a new reality show hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, American Bible Challenge, and encouraged me to apply. “They are looking for people with great testimonies and Bible knowledge,” he said. So, in a thirty-second whim, I sent in my information, thinking, why not? What do I have to lose?

Well…Monday I got an email from the casting director letting me know about a casting call in Dallas next weekend. If I’m chosen, I will get to play to win money for my favorite non-profit. I have to nominate three and they pick, but I have several favorite non-profits! I even work for a non-profit, so how in the world am I going to decide?

Do you have a favorite non-profit you’d like to recommend? Leave your comment below and let me know about it! And most of all…please pray that they’ll pick me! This is an amazing opportunity to spread the hope of Christ through secular airwaves.  

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7 Responses to American Bible Challenge

  1. Pat Rohling at #

    Hi Christy, I am the Chair person in Wichita for the Stonecroft After 5 Christian Women’s Connection. You spoke for us maybe 2 yrs. ago…I can’t remember. You stayed with Tammey Shimon. (we loved you) Tammey, myself and a few others from our club are getting together a program similar to the one we did when you were here on the McConnel Air Force Base here. We are paying a tribute to our military women. They will get a free meal, each one will get a gift bag….there will be gift-give-aways of gift baskets, music and a speaker. Each one will receive a bible and noone will leave without knowing how to have eternal life and a personnel relationship with Jesus. Everything has to be so detailed and approved through the Chaplain on the base. We have flyers made, we have permission to have it on the base in the Ball Room, we have a speaker ready and music. The only thing we are missing is enough money. Any contributions would be God send and God blessed. Contributions would also be tax deductable. Checks should be made out to Stonecroft Ministries and in the memo put ‘military’. send to:

    Pat Rohling
    Chair of Military
    421 N. Colby St.
    Valley Center, Wichita, Ks.

  2. Christy Johnson at #

    thanks for the info Pat. I have a llot of military women who read here, so prayfully some will feel lead to make contributions. Praying your event is a huge kindgom success!

  3. Pat Rohling at #

    Thanks Christy. Praying for you on the American Bible Show. That would be so exciting and a blessing. You would do wonderful.


  4. Lisa Kopf at #

    Arise Ministries! They do an annual conference for Single Mom’s. It is a blessed experience for all single mother’s. A time to be inspired by the word of God and meet other single mother’s. This is definitely the one I would choose!

  5. Dorea at #

    Go girl Go! Of course, I love Stonecroft Ministries too – as I see women coming to know the Lord through it. We are know going weekly to the local Jail and doing Stonecroft Bible Studies there, and monthly do a program for the female inmates….as well as our monthly outreach events. We need to get you to Bartlesville again so you can share with the inmates – they are so hungry to hear a message of HOPE, LOVE and FORGIVENESS. And – you do that so well! To God be the Glory – Keep shining for Him wherever He is taking you!

  6. Alice Crider at #

    What a great opportunity, Christy! I’m praying they pick you!

    My current favorite ministry/charity organization is Restore Innocence ( They provide safe housing, mentoring, and practical needs for children and young women who have been rescued out of sex trafficking. They’re raising awareness around the country about the atrocities of human slavery happening right under our noses in America. They need all the support they can gather!

    bless you,

  7. Mary Slater at #

    Wow! I can’t imagine them not picking you. Of course I would like to see Single Parent Support Network benefit from this. You go girl!

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