7 Steps to your best relationship ever

As a soul health expert and author of Love Junkies, 7 Steps for Breaking the Toxic Relationship Cycle I've helped thousands of women find the freedom they need to prosper in life and in love. 

And now for the first time ever, you can get free access to all 9 sessions in the video teaching series I created to go with Love Junkies.
Whether you want to lead a small discipleship group or watch on your own, my proven steps will help your soul find liberty in 7 key areas.  

Why is your soul health so important? Because baggage attracts baggage. Relationships don't have to be complicated. It's time to ditch the drama and be the best you ever! 


“With clarity and confidence, with boldness and brilliance, with sensitivity and sincerity, Christy offers a tidal wave of hope and healing.” Shannon Ethridge, Best-selling Author of 20 books including the Every Woman’s Battle series with Stephen Arterburn

“Love Junkies is like getting an emotional makeover. It’s not just truths and theories, but practical applications that help women destroy false beliefs about relationships and find personal restoration.” Georgia Shaffer, PA Licensed Psychologist and author of Avoiding the 12 Relationship Mistake Women Make

“Raw, honest and life changing! If you are addicted to love–be it real or fantasy–Christy offers you hope and healing.” Victorya Michaels Rogers, Love Coach and author of Finding a Man Worth Keeping

What Readers are Saying:

I’m halfway through your book and it’s like you wrote the book and told my story! Ann

To finally find someone who understands “love addiction” and toxic relationships was a blessing!! Christy shares her story with honesty and compassion for women stuck in this vicious cycle. I am reading it for the second time and have bought if for several friends. I highly recommend this book!!!! Jen

This is not just a message for women stuck in toxic relationships. Love Junkies has valuable wisdom for all women. Mothers will gain insight so that they will be able to relate to their daughters better and to help better prepare them for healthy relationships. Women in healthy relationships will gain insight that will help them understand the issues that their sisters and friends may be dealing with. Ingrid

Christy’s personal experiences concerning loss, her practical insight concerning life, and her biblical wisdom concerning Christ, bring together the perfect combo in breaking free from destructive behaviors that keep you in the gerbil cage of going nowhere fast! It’s a must read for women looking for love….in all the “right” places. Pam

With truth and transparency, Christy Johnson has written a book about relationships. She doesn’t candy coat the issues women deal with today in her new book Love Junkies. Love Junkies brings problems like infidelity, addictions, and insecurities into the light, shows readers they are not alone and they don’t need to hide in shame. The book also provides doable solutions to bring hope and healing. Cheri

As a radio host I review several hundred books per year. “Love Junkies” drew me in even though it is written for women. I read this cover to cover with a ruler and pencil, underlining important points throughout the book. I found it very helpful as a guy to see things from a woman’s perspective and learned a lot, not only about women, but about myself. This is a great book for anyone wanting to look inside and improve their relationships. Written from a Godly perspective, the truths of Scripture are woven throughout the book. I highly recommend this as worth your time and attention in this busy world … this is one book that can greatly transform your relationships and your entire life! GH

Love Junkies is a true depiction of the way we women feel and think, when we are addicted to relationships. Christy openly shares her own story and touches the hearts and souls of those of us who have been down the same road. As I read, I cried, I shook my head ‘YES’ and mumbled “um hmm”! I highly recommend Love Junkies, in fact, I’m reading it for a second time to solidify what I learned and receive any principle teachings I may have missed the first time. 5 Stars! Tammy

I devoured this book when I read it! I’m facilitating Christy’s come along side Love Junkies bible study for women at my church this fall. I cannot say enough great things about this book and the Divinely attained wisdom Christy shares. A must-read for all women, especially teens! Cara

You can't change him, but you can change you. Break the toxic love rut and be the best you ever!